Football Live Scores Today on 19 January 2017

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08:50Australian A-LeagueMelbourne City FCCentral Coast Mariners
Goals 39 min: Tim Cahill
3 min: Tim Cahill
9 min: Roy O minDonovan
Red Cards 23 min: Roy O minDonovan;
Substitutions 84 min: in Anthony Caceres
84 min: out Nicolas Carlos Colazo
78 min: out Tim Cahill
78 min: in Nicholas Fitzgerald
67 min: out Bruce Kamau
67 min: in Fernando Brandan
83 min: out Scott Galloway
83 min: in Michael Neill
71 min: out Blake Powell
71 min: in Kwabena Appiah
62 min: out Fabio Ferreira
62 min: in Trent Buhagiar
15:15Superleague GreecePAOKLevadeiakos
Goals 76 min: Facundo Abel Pereyra
60 min: Facundo Abel Pereyra
20 min: Leo Matos
Yellow Cards 52 min: Gojko Cimirot
33 min: Stefanos Athanasiadis
43 min: Jackson Mendy
40 min: Edwin Ouon
37 min: Thanasis Moulopoulos
36 min: Carlos Milhazes
31 min: Jackson Mendy
Red Cards 43 min: Jackson Mendy;
Substitutions 77 min: in Ioannis Mystakidis
77 min: out Stefanos Athanasiadis
72 min: out Jose Angel Crespo
72 min: in Stilianos Malezas
57 min: out Dimitrios Pelkas
57 min: in Facundo Abel Pereyra
77 min: in Mattheos Kapsaskis
77 min: out Qazim Laci
68 min: in Mohamed Youssouf
68 min: out Stylianos Vasiliou
64 min: in Zisis Karachalios
64 min: out Carlos Milhazes
17:30Superleague GreecePanathinaikosPlatanias
Goals 29 min: Marcus Berg
26 min: penalty Marcus Berg
37 min: Georgios Giakoumakis
Yellow Cards 14 min: Nikos Marinakis
50 min: Konstantinos Mendrinos
3 min: Alexandros Apostolopoulos
Substitutions 90 min: in Nuno Reis
90 min: out Robin Lod
77 min: out Panagiotis Vlachodimos
77 min: in Sebastian Leto
74 min: in Olivier Boumale
74 min: out Lucas Martin Villafanez
84 min: out Alexandros Apostolopoulos
84 min: in Fanouris Goundoulakis
65 min: out Konstantinos Mendrinos
65 min: in Didac Devesa
46 min: out Giannis Kargas
46 min: in Athanasios Dinas