Chinese Super League Standing and Fixtures

Football Chinese Super League • Standings

1Guangzhou Evergrande2512131762 00053143957
2Jiangsu Sainty2512131456 00044291547
3Shanghai Greenland Shenhua2513121285 00044281644
4Shanghai East Asia FC2512131195 00047281942
5Guangzhou R&F F.C.2513121069 0004141036
6Beijing Guoan261313989 0002824435
7HEBEI CFFC2614129611 0002634-833
8Chongqing Lifan2612148810 0003744-732
9Tianjin Teda251114889 0003642-632
10Henan Jianye2612149512 0002337-1432
11YANBIAN2514119412 0003235-331
12Shandong Luneng2513128611 0003331230
13Liaoning Hongyun2513127810 0003342-929
14Hangzhou Greentown2512137513 0002433-926
15Changchun Yatai2514117513 0002538-1326
16Shijiazhuang Yongchang2512134912 0002248-2621
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- Played Home
- Played Away
- Wins
- Draws
- Loses
- Shots
- Goals For
- Goals Against
- Diference
- Yellow Cards
- Red Cards

Football Chinese Super League Top Scores

RankNameTeamGolasFirst Scorer PenaltiesMissed

Chinese Super League last played and next football matches

DateTimeCountry Home TeamScoreAway TeamStat
Chinese Super League - Round: 30
2017-11-0407:00Tianjin Teda1 - 0Henan Jianye
2017-11-0407:00Shandong Luneng5 - 4HEBEI CFFC
2017-11-0407:00YANBIAN3 - 0Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng
2017-11-0407:00Shanghai East Asia FC2 - 3Jiangsu Sainty
2017-11-0407:00Chongqing Lifan0 - 2Guangzhou R&F F.C.
2017-11-0407:00Beijing Guoan1 - 2Changchun Yatai
2017-11-0407:00Guangzhou Evergrande1 - 2Tianjin Quanjian
2017-11-0407:00Liaoning Hongyun1 - 4Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
Chinese Super League - Round: 29
2017-10-2907:00Guangzhou R&F F.C.3 - 2Tianjin Teda
2017-10-2907:00Henan Jianye2 - 4Shanghai East Asia FC
2017-10-2907:00Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng3 - 0Shandong Luneng
2017-10-2907:00Tianjin Quanjian4 - 1Liaoning Hongyun
2017-10-2907:00HEBEI CFFC3 - 0Guangzhou Evergrande
2017-10-2907:00Jiangsu Sainty1 - 0Beijing Guoan
2017-10-2907:00Changchun Yatai3 - 1Chongqing Lifan
2017-10-2907:00Shanghai Greenland Shenhua5 - 1YANBIAN
Chinese Super League - Round: 27
2017-10-2511:35Beijing Guoan1 - 0Chongqing Lifan
Chinese Super League - Round: 28
2017-10-2211:35Chongqing Lifan1 - 1Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
2017-10-2211:35Guangzhou Evergrande5 - 1Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng
2017-10-2211:35Tianjin Teda2 - 0Beijing Guoan
2017-10-2211:35Shanghai East Asia FC1 - 2Guangzhou R&F F.C.
2017-10-2207:30Changchun Yatai3 - 1Jiangsu Sainty
2017-10-2111:35Tianjin Quanjian2 - 1HEBEI CFFC
2017-10-2107:30YANBIAN1 - 2Henan Jianye
2017-10-2011:35Shandong Luneng3 - 1Liaoning Hongyun
Chinese Super League - Round: 27
2017-10-1511:35Shanghai Greenland Shenhua1 - 2Tianjin Teda
2017-10-1511:35Guangzhou R&F F.C.3 - 2Henan Jianye
2017-10-1411:35HEBEI CFFC3 - 2Jiangsu Sainty
2017-10-1411:35Tianjin Quanjian0 - 0Shandong Luneng
2017-10-1411:35Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng2 - 3Changchun Yatai
2017-10-1407:30Liaoning Hongyun3 - 3Shanghai East Asia FC
2017-10-1311:35Guangzhou Evergrande4 - 3YANBIAN
Chinese Super League - Round: 22
2017-09-2811:35Jiangsu Sainty1 - 0Tianjin Quanjian
Chinese Super League - Round: 19
2017-09-2711:35Tianjin Teda3 - 1Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng
Chinese Super League - Round: 26
2017-09-2411:35Henan Jianye2 - 1Shandong Luneng
2017-09-2407:30Changchun Yatai0 - 0HEBEI CFFC
2017-09-2311:35Shanghai Greenland Shenhua3 - 1Guangzhou R&F F.C.
2017-09-2311:35Tianjin Teda4 - 1Tianjin Quanjian
2017-09-2311:35Jiangsu Sainty0 - 1Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng
2017-09-2307:30YANBIAN1 - 0Liaoning Hongyun
2017-09-2211:35Beijing Guoan0 - 1Shanghai East Asia FC
2017-09-2211:35Chongqing Lifan2 - 2Guangzhou Evergrande
Chinese Super League - Round: 7
2017-09-1911:35Shanghai Greenland Shenhua0 - 0Shandong Luneng
Chinese Super League - Round: 25
2017-09-1711:35Jiangsu Sainty2 - 2Guangzhou Evergrande
2017-09-1711:35Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng2 - 1Henan Jianye
2017-09-1611:35Shanghai East Asia FC6 - 1Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
2017-09-1611:35Tianjin Quanjian2 - 1Chongqing Lifan
2017-09-1611:35Shandong Luneng1 - 1YANBIAN
2017-09-1611:35Liaoning Hongyun1 - 2HEBEI CFFC
2017-09-1611:35Guangzhou R&F F.C.2 - 1Beijing Guoan
2017-09-1511:35Tianjin Teda1 - 5Changchun Yatai
Chinese Super League - Round: 24
2017-09-1011:35Shanghai Greenland Shenhua1 - 2Henan Jianye
2017-09-1011:35Henan Jianye0 - 0Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
2017-09-1011:35Chongqing Lifan2 - 0Liaoning Hongyun
2017-09-1011:35HEBEI CFFC2 - 1Guangzhou R&F F.C.
2017-09-1011:35Beijing Guoan4 - 4YANBIAN
2017-09-1011:35Tianjin Quanjian3 - 1Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng
2017-09-0911:35Shanghai East Asia FC3 - 1Tianjin Teda
2017-09-0911:35Shandong Luneng0 - 0Jiangsu Sainty
2017-09-0811:35Guangzhou Evergrande3 - 1Changchun Yatai
Chinese Super League - Round: 23
2017-08-2011:35Guangzhou R&F F.C.1 - 1Shandong Luneng
2017-08-2011:35Henan Jianye0 - 0Chongqing Lifan
2017-08-2008:00Changchun Yatai1 - 1Tianjin Quanjian
2017-08-1911:35HEBEI CFFC2 - 0Beijing Guoan
2017-08-1911:35Shanghai Greenland Shenhua0 - 3Guangzhou Evergrande
2017-08-1911:35Liaoning Hongyun1 - 1Tianjin Teda
2017-08-1909:30Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng2 - 1Shanghai East Asia FC
2017-08-1908:00YANBIAN0 - 4Jiangsu Sainty
Chinese Super League - Round: 22
2017-08-1411:35Tianjin Teda0 - 2HEBEI CFFC
2017-08-1311:35Shanghai East Asia FC3 - 2Chongqing Lifan
2017-08-1311:35Beijing Guoan4 - 0Liaoning Hongyun
2017-08-1311:35Guangzhou Evergrande2 - 1Henan Jianye
2017-08-1308:00Changchun Yatai1 - 1YANBIAN
2017-08-1307:30Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng2 - 0Guangzhou R&F F.C.
2017-08-1211:35Shandong Luneng5 - 0Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
Chinese Super League - Round: 21
2017-08-1011:35Tianjin Quanjian2 - 2Beijing Guoan
2017-08-1011:35HEBEI CFFC2 - 2Shanghai East Asia FC
2017-08-1011:35Liaoning Hongyun0 - 3Guangzhou Evergrande
2017-08-0911:35Guangzhou R&F F.C.4 - 2Jiangsu Sainty
2017-08-0911:35Henan Jianye0 - 2Changchun Yatai
2017-08-0911:35Chongqing Lifan1 - 0Shandong Luneng
2017-08-0911:35Shanghai Greenland Shenhua0 - 3Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng
2017-08-0908:00YANBIAN3 - 1Tianjin Teda
Chinese Super League - Round: 20
2017-08-0611:35Shanghai East Asia FC0 - 0Tianjin Quanjian
2017-08-0611:35Guangzhou R&F F.C.4 - 1Liaoning Hongyun
2017-08-0511:35Beijing Guoan2 - 2Shandong Luneng
2017-08-0511:35Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng1 - 0Chongqing Lifan
2017-08-0511:35HEBEI CFFC3 - 0YANBIAN
2017-08-0511:35Guangzhou Evergrande3 - 0Tianjin Teda
2017-08-0511:35Jiangsu Sainty2 - 2Henan Jianye
2017-08-0511:35Shanghai Greenland Shenhua1 - 1Changchun Yatai
Chinese Super League - Round: 19
2017-07-3011:35Shandong Luneng2 - 1Shanghai East Asia FC
2017-07-3011:35Liaoning Hongyun1 - 0Changchun Yatai
2017-07-2911:35Shanghai Greenland Shenhua3 - 2HEBEI CFFC
2017-07-2911:35Guangzhou R&F F.C.4 - 2Guangzhou Evergrande
2017-07-2911:35Chongqing Lifan1 - 2Jiangsu Sainty
2017-07-2908:00YANBIAN0 - 2Tianjin Quanjian
2017-07-2811:35Henan Jianye0 - 2Beijing Guoan
Chinese Super League - Round: 18
2017-07-2311:35Henan Jianye1 - 1Tianjin Quanjian
2017-07-2311:35Shanghai Greenland Shenhua1 - 2Beijing Guoan
2017-07-2311:35Guangzhou R&F F.C.6 - 2YANBIAN
2017-07-2211:35Shandong Luneng3 - 2Changchun Yatai
2017-07-2211:35Chongqing Lifan2 - 1Tianjin Teda
2017-07-2211:35Jiangsu Sainty4 - 0Liaoning Hongyun
2017-07-2211:35Shanghai East Asia FC2 - 2Guangzhou Evergrande

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