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Football Australian A-League Top Scores

RankNameTeamGolasFirst Scorer PenaltiesMissed

Australian A-League last played and next football matches

DateTimeCountry Home TeamScoreAway TeamStat
Australian A-League - Round: 8
2017-11-2408:50Melbourne City FC - Perth Glory
2017-11-2308:50Newcastle Jets - Melbourne Victory
Australian A-League - Round: 7
2017-11-1908:00Perth Glory0 - 2Melbourne Victory
2017-11-1808:50Sydney FC2 - 1Newcastle Jets
2017-11-1806:35Western Sydney Wanderers FC - Wellington Phoenix
2017-11-1708:50Brisbane Roar FC3 - 1Melbourne City FC
2017-11-1608:50Central Coast Mariners1 - 2Adelaide United
Australian A-League - Round: 6
2017-11-1208:00Melbourne City FC1 - 1Western Sydney Wanderers FC
2017-11-1206:00Wellington Phoenix5 - 2Perth Glory
2017-11-1108:50Melbourne Victory1 - 1Brisbane Roar FC
2017-11-1106:35Adelaide United1 - 2Newcastle Jets
2017-11-1008:50Central Coast Mariners2 - 0Sydney FC
Australian A-League - Round: 5
2017-11-0608:50Melbourne Victory1 - 1Western Sydney Wanderers FC
2017-11-0506:00Brisbane Roar FC0 - 0Central Coast Mariners
2017-11-0411:00Perth Glory1 - 0Adelaide United
2017-11-0408:50Newcastle Jets3 - 0Wellington Phoenix
2017-11-0308:50Melbourne City FC0 - 1Sydney FC
Australian A-League - Round: 4
2017-10-2908:00Central Coast Mariners1 - 1Melbourne Victory
2017-10-2906:00Newcastle Jets1 - 1Western Sydney Wanderers FC
2017-10-2808:50Adelaide United0 - 2Melbourne City FC
2017-10-2806:35Wellington Phoenix3 - 3Brisbane Roar FC
2017-10-2708:50Sydney FC - Perth Glory
Australian A-League - Round: 3
2017-10-2208:00Perth Glory2 - 1Central Coast Mariners
2017-10-2206:00Brisbane Roar FC1 - 2Newcastle Jets
2017-10-2108:50Sydney FC2 - 2Western Sydney Wanderers FC
2017-10-2106:35Melbourne City FC1 - 0Wellington Phoenix
2017-10-2008:50Adelaide United2 - 2Melbourne Victory
Australian A-League - Round: 2
2017-10-1508:00Sydney FC3 - 2Wellington Phoenix
2017-10-1506:00Newcastle Jets2 - 2Perth Glory
2017-10-1408:50Melbourne Victory1 - 2Melbourne City FC
2017-10-1406:35Western Sydney Wanderers FC2 - 2Central Coast Mariners
2017-10-1308:50Brisbane Roar FC1 - 2Adelaide United
Australian A-League - Round: 1
2017-10-0807:00Western Sydney Wanderers FC2 - 1Perth Glory
2017-10-0804:00Wellington Phoenix1 - 1Adelaide United
2017-10-0708:50Melbourne Victory0 - 1Sydney FC
2017-10-0706:35Central Coast Mariners1 - 5Newcastle Jets
2017-10-0608:50Melbourne City FC2 - 0Brisbane Roar FC
Australian A-League - Round: 27
2017-04-1609:00Perth Glory5 - 4Melbourne City FC
2017-04-1607:00Brisbane Roar FC4 - 3Wellington Phoenix
2017-04-1509:50Adelaide United2 - 2Western Sydney Wanderers FC
2017-04-1507:35Sydney FC2 - 0Newcastle Jets
2017-04-1409:50Melbourne Victory1 - 0Central Coast Mariners
Australian A-League - Round: 26
2017-04-0907:00Central Coast Mariners2 - 0Newcastle Jets
2017-04-0812:00Perth Glory3 - 1Brisbane Roar FC
2017-04-0809:50Western Sydney Wanderers FC0 - 0Melbourne Victory
2017-04-0807:35Wellington Phoenix1 - 1Sydney FC
2017-04-0709:50Melbourne City FC1 - 0Adelaide United
Australian A-League - Round: 25
2017-04-0209:00Brisbane Roar FC5 - 1Central Coast Mariners
2017-04-0207:00Melbourne Victory0 - 3Wellington Phoenix
2017-04-0108:50Sydney FC3 - 0Melbourne City FC
2017-04-0106:35Newcastle Jets0 - 3Western Sydney Wanderers FC
2017-03-3108:50Adelaide United1 - 1Perth Glory
Australian A-League - Round: 24
2017-03-2608:00Perth Glory0 - 3Sydney FC
2017-03-2606:00Wellington Phoenix5 - 0Newcastle Jets
2017-03-2508:50Brisbane Roar FC1 - 0Melbourne Victory
2017-03-2506:35Central Coast Mariners2 - 3Adelaide United
2017-03-2408:50Western Sydney Wanderers FC3 - 1Melbourne City FC
Australian A-League - Round: 23
2017-03-1908:00Western Sydney Wanderers FC3 - 1Wellington Phoenix
2017-03-1906:00Adelaide United2 - 1Brisbane Roar FC
2017-03-1808:50Melbourne City FC4 - 0Newcastle Jets
2017-03-1108:50Melbourne Victory4 - 1Perth Glory
2017-03-1008:50Sydney FC1 - 0Central Coast Mariners
Australian A-League - Round: 22
2017-03-0508:00Newcastle Jets1 - 3Brisbane Roar FC
2017-03-0506:00Central Coast Mariners2 - 3Melbourne City FC
2017-03-0408:50Western Sydney Wanderers FC0 - 0Adelaide United
2017-03-0406:35Wellington Phoenix3 - 3Perth Glory
2017-03-0308:50Sydney FC1 - 0Melbourne Victory
Australian A-League - Round: 21
2017-02-2606:00Newcastle Jets1 - 1Central Coast Mariners
2017-02-2511:00Perth Glory2 - 0Western Sydney Wanderers FC
2017-02-2508:50Melbourne Victory2 - 1Adelaide United
2017-02-2506:35Brisbane Roar FC1 - 2Wellington Phoenix
2017-02-2408:50Melbourne City FC1 - 3Sydney FC
Australian A-League - Round: 20
2017-02-1906:00Central Coast Mariners0 - 3Melbourne Victory
2017-02-1811:00Perth Glory2 - 2Brisbane Roar FC
2017-02-1808:50Western Sydney Wanderers FC1 - 0Sydney FC
2017-02-1806:35Wellington Phoenix1 - 5Melbourne City FC
2017-02-1708:50Adelaide United1 - 0Newcastle Jets
Australian A-League - Round: 19
2017-02-1206:00Western Sydney Wanderers FC0 - 2Central Coast Mariners
2017-02-1108:50Melbourne City FC2 - 2Brisbane Roar FC
2017-02-1106:35Newcastle Jets0 - 0Melbourne Victory
2017-02-1008:50Adelaide United0 - 5Perth Glory
2017-02-0908:50Sydney FC3 - 1Wellington Phoenix
Australian A-League - Round: 18
2017-02-0506:00Central Coast Mariners2 - 1Adelaide United
2017-02-0411:00Perth Glory3 - 2Newcastle Jets
2017-02-0408:50Melbourne Victory2 - 1Melbourne City FC
2017-02-0406:35Wellington Phoenix1 - 3Western Sydney Wanderers FC
2017-02-0308:50Brisbane Roar FC0 - 0Sydney FC
Australian A-League - Round: 17
2017-01-2906:00Adelaide United2 - 2Wellington Phoenix
2017-01-2808:50Brisbane Roar FC2 - 1Western Sydney Wanderers FC
2017-01-2806:35Central Coast Mariners2 - 0Perth Glory
2017-01-2708:50Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City FC
2017-01-2608:50Melbourne Victory1 - 2Sydney FC
Australian A-League - Round: 16
2017-01-2206:00Western Sydney Wanderers FC2 - 0Newcastle Jets
2017-01-2109:00Perth Glory2 - 1Melbourne Victory
2017-01-2106:35Wellington Phoenix0 - 1Brisbane Roar FC
2017-01-2008:50Sydney FC2 - 0Adelaide United
2017-01-1908:50Melbourne City FC2 - 1Central Coast Mariners
Australian A-League - Round: 7
2017-01-1706:45Wellington Phoenix3 - 0Melbourne Victory
Australian A-League - Round: 15
2017-01-1506:00Newcastle Jets2 - 2Perth Glory
2017-01-1408:50Sydney FC0 - 0Western Sydney Wanderers FC
2017-01-1406:35Wellington Phoenix1 - 0Central Coast Mariners
2017-01-1308:50Melbourne Victory3 - 2Brisbane Roar FC
2017-01-1208:50Adelaide United2 - 1Melbourne City FC
Australian A-League - Round: 14
2017-01-0806:00Central Coast Mariners2 - 3Sydney FC
2017-01-0708:50Adelaide United0 - 2Melbourne Victory

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